Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh How Embarassing

I really can't believe that I am posting this but it is too ridiculous to pass up even if it is at my own expense.

Mom and I were trying to encourage Ronan to crawl. He is overdue in my opinion. He has the ability but not the pacience. We spent the evening trying to entice him into some forward movement and got into a ridiculous mood. We realized how absurd we looked and had to record it for John. It is too strange not to share on the blog with everybody else. I haven't had any really weird blog gems in a while, so this one is for the fans. All three of them.


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Anonymous said...

You know Rach, once they start they NEVER stop!! So be careful what you wish for.


Lisa said...

Your cousin Alan never did really crawl. He went from pulling himself up to walking. He did do this real strange thing, he would straighten out his legs with his hands still on the floor and lift his butt up so his body would kind of look like an upside down V....but he would never move, just up and down, up and down. Now he's turning 15 this month and wants to learn to drive.

Me me and G said...

haha. you made my sick day a little brighter you weirdos.

James and Kaysha said...

That was fun! I am Kaysha, my husband and I are out here with John in CT! I have a picture of your hubby on my blog so check it out at or copy it I want you to know that your husband way loves you and the little one and misses you...He talks about you all the time. Oh, I will have to get your email to send you pic's!

B-Tuck said...

hahahaha you guys are the best! i wish you had taught me how to crawl. although I'm pretty sure he's not crawling over there just because he likes watching you guys trying to make him.