Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Mothers Love..

I am staying in California at my Mom's house for a few weeks. Mom has a big sliding glass door to the backyard. I have been looking out that door everyday off and on and noticed a blue bird that loves to have a seat on the back fence at least 10 times a day. Usually I see a Marmalade cat show up along with the bird. It seemed to happen so many times that I started to pay attention. At first I thought that the cat was chasing the bird. Then I considered that they might be friends. But after watching them I realized that the bird is chasing the cat.
That's right. This Momma blue bird has been stalking the cat all day everyday for almost a week. And the cat is afraid. Upon further investigation I have noticed that the cat is hiding from the bird. Trying to escape the bird. I saw the cat hide under a card, and the dang bird hopped down next to the car to try and get at the cat.
I think this cat glanced at the Momma birds nest and the bird has been fending him off ever since. I think that cat is sorry he ever even thought about getting to that nest because it has been stalked and I am betting pecked at and bullied by this bird ever since.
Just goes to show you what a Mother is willing to, and can do, for her baby. Imagine a fat Marmalade cat being pushed around by a little blue bird!
I love it. Yay for Mommas.

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Violet said...

We have two blue birds that hop on the lawn all day long looking for worms. I love it! That poor cat...