Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sesame Street.

I got Ronan a best of Sesame Street songs DVD today. It got me thinking about all the great ones I remember that were not included. So I looked them up and posted them for those of you who grew up with, and love the Muppets and "Street" as we called it in my house.

I was surprised to find that I atill know all the words to every one of these songs. They don't make shows like this anymore. Even newer Sesame Street lacks that spark it had in the 80's. And other shows certainly don't hold a candle to this old stuff.

I can tell I was a child of the 80's by the Cindi Lauper, Madonna and other spoof songs on here. I love it.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!!!! I've had so much fun listening to these. I, too, remember all the words. U've Really Got a Hold on Me is my fav. I now have to go to Youtube and look for the Miami Mice.