Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Christmas....

I know Christmas was almost two weeks ago, but here are my pictures.
Better late than never right?
John and Ronan give two thumbs up in anticipation of all the Christmas fun.

Rhiannon and I start by carving a square robot snowman in the yard.

We had to use kitchen knives. Not the best examples now that I think about it....

He was special something to behold.

Our tribute to the robotic uprising of the late 90's. Finally robotic beings rule the world.

Rhiannon got a new much needed bra from Nana, she tried to burn the old one.

She left the new one in the driveway over night. Nana found the $40.00 bra frozen outside and was none too pleased.

Aunt Meme arrives,

along with Uncle G.

Meme goes for the baby first.

Ronan looking pleased at all the people offering to feed him.

Max looking depressed because he can't run away or eat garbage. Also because he is wearing a bow.

The boys get right down to business.

Ronan opens his first present with Cousin Mary. These are his Christmas eve PJs. Look at his super chubby face! So cute.

Rambo baby ripping the paper to shreds like a man. Daddy was so proud.

Nana and Aunt Hillary enjoying some Christmas coze together.

And rock band party begins with two major rockers.

Jared joins the rock out session.

Silent night, holy night? Not so silent anyway.

This is the face Meagan makes when she thinks nobody is looking, and somebody is doing something dumb.

The ladies get ready to croon with classic Myspace poses.


Realizing the lyrics are a bit racy.

Uncle Karl does a slow jam from the couch.

Lovers of loving love.

Cousin Cory works it for the camera.

Me loving the insane but wonderful Charlie.

Christmas Eve at home with Stink and Maxy. He looks forlorn because he ate a total of three Christmas presents and got in a ton of trouble.

A little bit of hand drums for the Christmas singing.

Meme and G. playing my favorite game. Electronic Catch Phrase.

Ronan checking the cookies he left for Santa on Christmas morning.

Looks like he came. Yay!

Meme trying to convince us that Santa left her Ronan for Christmas and that she should take him home to Reno.

Nana admiring her stocking stuffers. These are some clothing tags that say "Handmade by Nana" she can sew on to the things she makes for Beego.

Meagan opening her stocking....

Ronan checking out his stocking.

His concentration face.

Ronan wearing his stocking that was made by his ever so crafty Mother.

Santa brought him bubbles. He had never seen them before and thought they were fascinating.

Aunt Stink revisits her childhood habit of wrapping her ankle in random scarfs. She thought it was high fashion when she was seven. He sisters called her the B.F.B.L. (Big Fat Bag Lady) because of her collection of haggard scarfs and such she covertly salvaged before they made it outside to the trash.

Arrr... this be the Christmas pirate.

Delirious with Christmas joy.

Classic Stink. Always asleep. Complete with drool and blanket marks on her face.

Jared enjoying some Beego time. Beego enjoying it too.

And she herself, the Meg, carved the roast beast.

Then Meg sat down for some post dinner Mario Cart. The hat is a little Englist tradition. They come in Christmas Crackers that you open at dinner. In our family everyone wears the hat during dinner and for the rest of the night.

Stink, playing Cart while wearing her hat too.

The three sisters. We have started a tradition of retaking this picture every year we are all together. Stink is making a much better face this time. So am I.

Here is the original from 2004

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