Friday, January 30, 2009

New from Rachel on Etsy

I have been busy, I love to make things. I love to make girly things and since I don't have any little girls I can only justify these crafts by putting them up for sale on Etsy once I have had my fun making them.
It is super relaxing and fun for me to make stuff. Some people think that is crazy, just one more thing to get done, but for some reason I love it.
So here are my girly offerings. I have had my fun making them, and hopefully someone with little girls will have fun using them.

This is Jelly Roll (left, jelly fish), Pinky Inkerton (center, squid) and Dr. Octo (right, octopus). They are knit bean bag toys with button, tulle, and ribbon details. The bottom of all three are completely covered in button "suction cups". They are super fun to toss around, and even make a handy pin cushion. I sell them as a group or individually.
I love binki clips, so I decided to try my hand at making some. Of course I went for the pink. And of course Ronan shouldn't wear pink unless he wants to be picked on my the other baby boys. And so it makes its way to Etsy after entertaining me as I made it.
It is made from slobber proof ribbon that drys quick, and won't show much of the wetness. It is also triple stitched to stand up to tugs and pulls. Just make sure you clip it to the clothes, and not the actual child. What? Some people are that stupid.
I also made these super cute Valentines Day Frosted Hugs and Kisses. They are a six inch wood X and O set, in pink with pink sparkles covering them. So fun. I have a bunch in my house, but I have extras.
And finally I had to make these.....

They have 12" waist bands that are stretchy, so they work for newborn-toddler. These were the most fun to make. I am going to make one for myself to vacuum the house in when nobody else is home. I take custom orders on this one. Any color or size you like. Even Mommy sizes. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.

I guess this is how a girl who comes from a gigantic extended family fully of girls spends her time, even if she had a little boy.

And I love my little boy. I wouldn't trade him for a girl any day. I just can't make him wear pink. It would be wrong.

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