Friday, January 23, 2009

The Mystery of the Sleep Traveling Baby

Ronan has been completing perfect circles in his crib. During the night he will fuss a bit, or I will check on him and each time I find him in a different position, but always completing the same perfect circle.
Today I figured out how he does it.
Our man is kicking off of the bars in his sleep. Propelling himself all the way around a few times every night and nap.

We lead an exciting life of mystery intrigue and danger.
Well, not so much danger.

Also, Bret the fish passed on this morning. Death of the Conchords.
Don't buy fish from Walmart.

2 people had this to say...:

Violet said...

Did you get the drops for the water? They take the chlorine out of the tap water and let the fish not die. :]

Look at Ronan's little toenails! Does it creep you out to cut them? My Mom had a bad experience with my sister when she was a baby, and ever since, I've been freaked out about nipping tiny toes.

B-Tuck said...

That's adorable, as are all things Ronan, but lt me tell you quickly about the time I bought fish at Walmart. They were beautiful tropical fish and we bought them beautiful tropical fish food and everything. We even decorated their bowl with a tropical feel so they wouldn't get homesick. Too bad they died over night because being the genius that I am, I didn't buy them a tank, thinking that since they're fish, they should be fine in a small bowl of water. So basically, their death was my fault, but for the sake of this post, I'm going to blame Walmart. I can't believe the lame fish they sell! :)