Thursday, December 11, 2008

Santa Baby

I have been good this year. I endured a massive size while pregnant, and have been awake with the baby ever since he was born. I think I should get something extra sweet from Santa this year because of all my hard work. Hell, I even learned to cook a few things! That is called being good.

The few things I want are super random, and super weird. It is a lean year for the economy so Santa won't be able to afford a couple of these things, but I want to list them anyway just for fun.

Lets get the most extreme stuff out of the way first....

I saw this in one of those "Gear for Guys" stores in the mall and have been freaking out ever since. It is a tiny digital video camera. It takes super high quality action, and just regular footage. You can strap it to anything. Your head, your bike, your car, and my favorite idea...... Ronan! Who wouldn't love to see a Ronan's eye view of the world? People use these to show of their sportiness. I would use it for purposes quite different. Like filming people while being belligerent in stores, they wont notice my camera hooked to my stroller. Or, scaring friends, and having it on film form my point of view. I would strap it to the baby, the dogs, and my own head too. The possibilities for evil with this thing are endless. Ponder it, and you will see what I mean.

It is called the Helmet Hero. It costs about $130.00. It is about two inches wide, by one inch deep. Oh, and it is also waterproof up to one hundred feet! I have no life, and thus would have endless time to spend thinking of new and evil ways to use this device!

This is a dream come true. FAO Schwats is offering to let you build your own Muppet extra! That's right, a real customized to a certain extent, working MUPPET! I am freaking out. These are the real thing. An authentic Muppet, just for me!
They are pricey though at $130.00 each plus shipping. ::sigh::

I have also been craving a sweet fabric message board for my desk. I like this one on Etsy.

Yes, I am being serious with this one. I love the cardboard animal busts. They would have a place of honor in my home, as long as they were the white version.....

Quirky list eh?

Oh yeah, and I always LOVE picture frames!

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