Monday, December 1, 2008

Ronan likes catalogues, but not Charlie Sheen.

While checking the mail today I ran across the Hanes catalogue. Very interesting. Lots of great colors.
I flipped through the pages for a bit.
And can across this guy. He looked so smug in his yellow tag less t-shirt.

Something about him made me want to crumple the page.

Auntie tried to distract me with the 2009 Ikea catalogue,

but I had my eye on this schmuck in the Hanes ad.

Eww, his page even tasted lame.

Charlie Sheen is it? What a lame dude. Getting his paycheck for wearing yellow tag less Hanes shirts. Will no one hire him for an acting job? His smirk made me want to rip his page, so I did.

Then I figured I would just look for something better in this catalogue.
Ahhhh, much better.

Oh, and here is a shot of Mom. I am teaching her to make dinners. Check out the rolls to the right of the shot. Remind you of my cheeks? Yeah, me too.

2 people had this to say...:

Anonymous said...

Lookin' skinny girls, lookin' chubby Ronan!

Violet said...

Oh man. Do you happen to sell those cheeks? I want a full set to nibble on every second of the day.

You're a lucky Mommy!


You're a hot Mom.

You've got it gooooood! ;)