Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ronan Shops for Thanksgiving.

Hi everyone. This morning I was thinking that I should do Thanksgiving myself this year. I mean, I know good food. So why shouldn't I be the one who makes the feast?
Seriously, look at the chunks on my legs. I KNOW good food.

So, I went over to Aunt Stinks house so she could take me shopping.

Hurry up already, you look fine Auntie!

At the store I had trouble picking out the right cups. So many colors.

I also got this pad of construction paper for a special little project I have in mind.

Yup, looks like it is all here. The makings of a great feast.

At home with some of the art supplies I picked up. Yes, it looks like this feather is perfect for the job.

Tastes about right too.

Oh, I can't wait I have to show you now. This is my Thanksgiving hat. I also made something special for the people coming to our feast to wear. Tune in tomorrow to see what I made for them!

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Spencer said...

We're going to KFC for Thanksgiving. Then home for a double suicide. Squish Ronan goodbye for me...