Monday, October 20, 2008

So Freaking Cute!

Here is little Be-go in the grass. He was a happy guy outside having fun.
This is our man in one of his super cool outfits. Notice the cool shoes too. What can I say? I dress my kid cute!

4 people had this to say...:

Merrill family said...

I have to say he is SOOO cute! you guys make super cute boys!

Anonymous said...

He has John's dimples!!!!
and Racheal's happy smile!!!!!!!

Spencer said...

I love his cheek bulbs.

Andy said...

Oh my gosh! Ronan is SO adorable. I'm so jealous Spencer got to see him and I didn't. And you guys' place looks awesome! Why don't you just move and bring Ronan, your house, yard, and everything right next door to us here? :)