Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cradle Cap

So, Ronan's head and forehead is covered in scales of dry skin. When I first noticed it, I freaked out. I wash this kid everyday, how could he be covered in this yuck, whatever it was? People must be thinking that I neglect this child. That he has never been washed. Or maybe he was not nourished properly and his skin was falling off as a result.

I guess it is another lovely skin condition new babies get quite commonly. Cradle Cap. I am having the worst time looking at it, and keeping my hands off. I want to get it all off, but it doesn't work that way. I have to wait patiently for it to fall off. It could take weeks.

I asked my doctor what could be done. He suggested rubbing olive oil on the kid. Olive oil? I immediately imagined my baby stripped down and sitting in a roasting pan while I based him with extra virgin olive oil (EVOO as Rachel Ray calls it on her cooking show, which I now am bored enough in the mornings to watch).

Maybe I am the only person whose brain works like that, but when people talk to me funny and only slightly related pictures pop into my head and they make me laugh out loud. Whoever I am talking to usually asks what is so funny. When I explain it, almost nobody gets what I am talking about and with good reason.

So instead of basting Ronan like a Christmas turkey, I went to the mall and got a supposedly organic olive oil moisturizing spray.

My first instinct was to try and find something like this at the local Williams Sonoma, but I lucked out and found something at the Body Shop instead. I feel better about this option. No baby basting at my house.

By the way, this product seems to work pretty good, and is a lot less greasy than plain olive oil. Plus it smells good.

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Grandma said...

John had cradle cap on his little buns which made it difficult to tell which end was up......just kidding!!!!!!! I love Ronan's little cradle cap head. Love, Grandma

Merrill family said...

HEy everyone of my babies got it... it's the worst I would sit and pick at it which made it look worst but they used to give you this super soft comb in the hospital but they haven't given it to me the last 2 times put lots of oil or Ucertin lotion and then pick it off after an afternoon it will be gone good luck everyone knows about the stuff we know you love that cute little cubby boy!