Monday, August 11, 2008

Chillin' with the B

Ronan is starting to spend a lot more of his time awake and looking around. I love it! It is nice to do something with him other than change diapers or feed him.

We like to sit together in our glider and talk. I tell him about all kinds of things. Today we were discussing what he wants to be for Halloween. He was not too vocal on the subject, but that will change.

As you know, we start getting ready for Halloween at the Dunston home in August. That is when all the stores start to carry some Halloween stuff. We took a trip to check out what they had at the local craft stores. Ronan slept through it, but John and I enjoyed looking at everything.

While I am thinking about it, I need to let all of you ladies with little time on your hands know about something magical I discovered during my hospital stay when I had Ronan.

This little time saver came in my hospital gift diaper bag. At first I wondered what it was doing in a diaper bag filled with baby stuff and samples.

May I present the Shick Intuition Razor. Someone in the Shick marketing dept deserves a raise. What a brilliant idea to put in a hospital bag for new moms. After not being able to shave you legs well for so long it was a real treat to have this.

It is amazing. You don't need to mess around with shave gel. It has a block of moisturizer built in and it really works. It actually makes my legs super soft, and best of all it is super fast and easy. Everyone who only gets 2 min to shower before a baby crys should have one.

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