Monday, July 28, 2008

Some Updates

Todays shot of Ronan, per Nana's request.

We came home last Wednesday, and were supposed to visit with out Pediatrician on Friday because the doctors were afraid our little man was not putting on enough weight. So they had me all flustered about his weight from the start.

Daddy and Baby getting ready to go home. Both are dressed like it is winter becasue Mommy kept the hospital room ice cold. She was having hot flashes.

It turned out his weight was fine, but they were very concerned about a blood oxygen level they read during his vitals at the visit. They told us he may not be breathing well and said someone would bring over a breathing monitor that night. A nurse was supposed to come and explain how to use the machine.

Nobody came. We finally called the after hours number for the doctors office and after a million calls and hours of worry the Praxair moron came to deliver the machine at 10:30 pm.

Praxair sent no nurse. Only this idiot who proceeded to tell us without any tact all the ways this machine would indicate when the baby was near death, past resuscitation, and how the last person he delivered one of these machines to was now in hospice. I could have killed the hick with his lack of tact and silly accent.

So we hooked up baby and watched crazy, totally impossible numbers beep at us all night long. Talk about trying to kill a new mother. The numbers on the machine became so ridiculous that they just couldn't be right. There is nothing wrong with this baby.

After a night of pure hell we called the doctor and were told to go to Utah Valley Hospital to have baby Ronan hooked up there and monitored by a real machine and real nurse who knew what they were doing. Turns out we must have had the crappiest machine ever and that baby is totally fine.

So on top of recovering from abdominal surgery, running on no sleep, the total physical pain of nursing and worry about if he was eating enough we had the breathing scare too.

I am exhausted.


So, to all those who still have not seen or heard from us, now you know why. Don't be offend, we just have not had the time.

Now that all health issues seem to have been resolved we should be seeing some fun posts soon.

3 people had this to say...:

Anonymous said...

He is even cuter than he was yesterday. It almost made me cry! Tell him thanks for the flowers they are beautiful. What a man!!!

Merrill family said...

So sorry to here your stories! he looks great and so does dad! hang in there it only gets better!hugs

Merrill family said...

Wow!!! Grandma is upset she's been spelling the kids name Ronanan. She is now corrected and will make adjustments.