Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wow, what a husband.

I stress about everything. I mean EVERYTHING. I also prepare myself needlessly for things way in advance. This baby thing is no different.
I hate being half way (yeah I know some of you are laughing and saying "That's right, ONLY half way.") and not having anything done. It stresses me out. I don't want to be doing these errands in the heat of the summer, when I am the size of a blimp.
This brings us to husband numero uno. The best there is. John.
He went to BabiesRUs yesterday, alone, and spent 4 hours comparing a wide range of major purchases. He gets into details that I just don't have the patients for. He compares things with the sales staff and Internet reviews for hours. It is great as long as I don't have to sit through it.
Anyway, he literally spent 4 hours in what I would consider man hell.
He not only made all the decisions, which I love, but he even ordered a custom rocker for me. He looked at fabric swatches, and compared their durability and stain resistance! If I didn't know better, that kind of activity would make him almost gay! Bless him! He is my hero.
I showed up to the store after work, and he showed me everything before the final purchase, and then loaded it up and brought most of it home!
I am so in love. He is the best ever.
So I bet you want to know what he got me huh? Well, it was all the big stuff, so here goes:

So here we have the chair. Now it may look like most chairs, but let me tell you. It is soooo not. It does a ton of stuff, but most important, this bad boy reclines, and then still rocks while reclining! The heck you say! Plus, unlike cheap imitations this thing is like sitting on a cloud. It is like laying in a bed. It is so comfortable. Good thing too, cause it is said I will be practically living and sleeping in it while feeding a hungry newborn. John customized it with a cream/brown microfiber fabric. Get this, he chose the microfiber for its stain resistance, and the color because it can hide stains! What kind of guy knows this stuff!? He also got me a matching glider stool with a special pull out feature for you feet, it is supped to make breastfeeding easier and more comfortable! What a guy.

This one cracks me up. He is so worried about babies little bum on the car seat being cozy and comfy, that he picked out this cute little thing called the Snuzzler.

He the researched cribs with the sales staff for who knows how long, and chose this one, with a lifetime warranty. It also converts into a toddler bed and then full size bed. He shoock the crap out of the sales floor display to make sure it would hold up to a Dunston baby. He looked crazy. But any man alone in BabiesRUs for that long looks a little crazy anyway.

Matching, Dunston proof changing table. John chose it for the ample storage space, and tie down strap for the anticipated "wild" baby.
This one he spent who knows how long on. He needed to find the toughest, manliest stroller there is. He found it, and even knows the safety ratings, and how many pounds the carrier can hold. Ours is khaki and orange, Johns favorite colors. :)
He also insited on a video monitor. Electronics. He compared monitors forever. He loved the cool features on this one. All I know is that it works. He could probably tell you 10 cool features it has. I just like that the camera is cute and not creepy. I almost want to put little animal ears on it.
Our favorite item of them all is this. It is called the SweetPeace. John likes it because it looks like it has enough padding for baby bums, and because it rocks like moms really do, side to side. He also like the teething ring, must most of all the fact that is has an MP3 player jack and speaker. I know.

I like it cause it is so tall the dogs can't lick the baby.

Well, there you have it. We bought all of the big stuff. John is the man. I love him dearly and I feel so much better now that things are getting done. I know, I am neurotic. But thank goodness he likes me enough to do this kind of thing anyway. I think I will keep him.

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