Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Bump.

Okay, due to popular demand I have posted a belly shot. No, we will not be seeing the full "bare" monty this time. Sorry. I am, however going to be providing belly button progression shots soon. I should have started sooner on taking these pictures. Dang it.
Here is the bump at 17 weeks. Almost half way.

Now I know that I have almighty photoshop powers and have been know to "adjust" my chubs in pictures past. I want you to know that this is honestly what I look like. I did not tweak anything but the color. That is right. Not even the chubby cheeks. I was tempted. But I was lazy. I really look pregnant?

I still feel like I just look like a fatty.

John felt baby B kick him last night for the first time.

I was feeling some action in there (dancing, as I like to call it) but thought there was no way anyone else could tell yet. But John has been excited to feel sonething so I told him to smash his hand onto one spot and hold his breath. Almost right away we both felt something. It was the biggest kick I have felt yet. John was so excited.

He said, "Was that you!?"

"Nope, that was baby B.", said I.

By the way. Check out the jeans I am wearing in this shot.

These are the sweetest maternity jeans ever. I tried on several pairs, and this is the winner. $24.99 at Target. God bless them.

All the other ones made me look like a soccer mom with a huge arse and thighs! A couple pairs actually made me cry.

But these beauties rule! They have an elastic waist band like jeans for little kids and sit below the bump. That is the key. Those jeans with the band that sits on the bump suck. They make you look huge because the fabric goes straight down from the fatest part of your bump, expanding the look of your belly, butt and thighs in one shot. Horrible.

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