Monday, December 10, 2007

Holy Toast

Ever made fun of those people who have holy food items appear in their homes? You know, the ladies with the virgin Mary smiling back at them in a grease pattern while cooking tortillas, or seared into the side of toast?
I know I have. But I make fun of a LOT of people, so whats new, right?
Well, I am taking the holy toast finders of my mocking list. They were right. Toast is holy. There is nothing ordinary about this holy and righteous food. And it is no wonder that Mary, above all others, should appear on it.
Toast is my one link to a fairly settled stomach. Yesterday I successfully ate 10 slices, and kept all ten.
This morning, eating toast in the shower and on the way to work saved my from further tummy trouble.
Thank heaven for holy toast. My new favorite food. Maybe someday soon I too will find a holy image burned into the side of my bread.

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