Friday, August 10, 2007

Back! By Popular Demand!

Okay, so I have received piles and piles of fan mail. Begging me for new blogs. People are freaking out without their updates on my daily happenings. Okay, to be honest the only people who have said anything about it were MeMe and Nana Poppet. They seem to be my only two readers.
Oh well.

I haven't been posting because I have become an extremely famous and successful graphic artist and photographer lately in the local music scene and barley have time to wipe my bum let alone make cute blogs.

But I vow to become a blogger once more.

Today I was editing some work I did for Johns band, and I came across a funny picture of John.
Doesn't he look like lasers are bout to shoot out of his eyes? I thought so too. So I made a slight adjustment to the picture.

Yeah! That is my man!

Here is a pretty cool on that I took at one of his last shows. It is pretty good if I do say so myself!

Speaking of John, he broke out in a horrible rash and hives the other day. He came home from work and started changing. Everywhere that his undershirt was touching was HOT HOT HOT pink, swollen and itchy. Except for a 4 inch high stripe around his middle. Then his hands and feet turned red and itchy too. He had to go to the doctor.

Come to find out a filthy and cheap little Mexican place he frequents gave him some sort of horrible food allergy reaction! I knew it. I have always refused to eat at this cheap filthy restaurant, but John has braved it for years. I guess when you eat there five days in a row your body doesn't have time to fight off the diseases and finally breaks out in hives. It was so funny to be right about that place in such an exciting and evident way!

Well, tonight I am getting my hair cut and colored again. So tomorrow hopefully there will be new pictures of the beautiful me.

So rest easy Nana Poppet and MeMe. Your blogger is back.

2 people had this to say...:

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness! Our blogger is back.
Nana Poppet

Me me and G said...

Sweet......a comeback!!