Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ode to Ikea

Twinkle twinkle big fat store
When I shop, I always want more
Up in Draper your flags fly
Calling me to come and buy
Twinkle Twinkle spending more
I want all that's in the store

Oh, the joys of Ikea. It is the store that was tailor made for John and I. We love everything they have. It is all in our price range, and it is all so hip and well made.

I have been there five times in the last week. It only opened ten days ago.
The dangerous part is how cheap everything is, so I pile more in my cart and end up spending a ton of money.

Ikea, I love you. I do. Truly.

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Me me and G said...

You are right! That place is dangerous. It makes me kinda thankful that we dont have one here. But also kinda sad......