Monday, June 4, 2007

Here is the plan Stan.

Here is the plan.
I am feeling rather out of shape, and in order to get in shape I have decided to start riding my bike to work. I have not actually done it yet, but I went on a test run yesterday and things are looking hopeful (enter sarcasm here).
John and I bought bikes last summer during a very short (at least on my part) pact to start doing our errands on bike and taking little rides up the canyon. For those of you who know me, this enthusiasm did not last and the bike was hung up after a brief christening of two rides.
This year I saw it again, as I started to get my yard cleaned out for the impending summer. It hung there, full of promise. Promises of less spending on gas, healthier lifestyle, cosy early morning rides to work, and the stomach and thighs that I had in high school which have since disappeared. As a dear friend of mine once told me, I look like I must have eaten my former high school self.
So, yesterday I got the bike down, hosed it off, and attempted my third bike ride in the last ten years.
It was all going well until I attempted to transition from the street to a parking lot. It all came down to a little concrete bump no higher than one inch. I came at it from the wrong angle, and WHACK, landed face first in a gas station parking lot. A car full of snickering children pulled up and the driver asked between laughs if I was okay.
Today I have one purple hip and elbow, scrapes on my hands and feet, and a new resolve that no matter how much I like flip flops, they are not for riding bikes in.
So, even though I biffed it big time and shocked the crap out of myself, I am planning to attempt riding the 4.3 miles to my work tomorrow. Yes, that is right. It should be an interesting tale.

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