Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Beasties

Have you met our beasts? Well if you have not here they are. I have never met a more eccentric pair of dogs in my life. They are a pain in the rear, but they are our only children so I guess we have to love them.

Max (right) is part Basset hound and part lab. He stands about 2 feet tall, and 4 feet long. He is a very strange breed. The Basset hound in him makes for a self interested personality. He doesn't care if you tell him no. He plans to do what he pleases not matter the consequences. He enjoys running away to taunt us with chases around the neighbor hood. His pass times include sleeping, stealing food off counters, eating flip flops and remotes and pouting. He thinks he is a lap dog, but weighs in at 65 pounds.

Isabuea (left) is part Australian Shepherd and part Border Collie. She is so smart is is scary. She is never out of energy, EVER. She likes to chase Max around the house and nip at him playfully as he tries to sleep or relax. She keeps him fit. Isabeau can tell when Max is doing something he is going to get in major trouble for, and alerts her parents to the problem. She can round him up if he tries to run away. She is a great catcher of thrown objects and can play ball in the park for literally hours. She likes to attack lick people and can't stand Max getting attention without putting herself in the middle of it.

Between the two of them we are very busy. I am not sure how children will fit in the mix with these two personalities, but it will be quite the fun experiment.

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Meagan said...

Isabeau sp? is on the left my dear and Max is on the right. Lol you probably had a couple other pics in mind where that was the case. I miss their faces off, all three beasts in the pic. haha. JK John.