Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bad Blogger!

Wow, we have been out of town for some time. Three weeks with the family in California. When I am away from home I am not the best blogger.
Come to think of it, I am not the best blogger even when I am home.

So here is an update.

Ronan and I flew out to California on the 21st.
I was so afraid that he would be one of those terror babies in the air.

{Waiting for the plane, Ronan picking his nose.}

He did great. He said, "Whee!" during take off, then fell asleep. Nice!

He woke up for the last 20 min. of the flight and played on Auntie's lap top. Thank goodness for Auntie!

My mom gave up her saaa-weet bed so that John, Ronan and I could room together. She has one of those memory foam beds from Costco. I call it "the cloud". Boy do I miss that thing! My bed sucks comparatively.

{Ronan in his Christmas PJ's hugging a Dog from Great Grandma Merrill.}

We went to the tide pools with Ronan. I tried to steal an abalone shell but my Mother threatened to turn me in to the park ranger.
Dang it.
I know it is wrong to take a shell but I live in Utah for heavens sake.

I managed to get a few photo shoots done while at home.
came along to enjoy the outdoors.
Ahh, January in California. My kind of winter.

We will be going to Cancun tomorrow so there should be some warm beach shots up here soon.

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