Tuesday, August 4, 2009

To the Theater with Grandma

Ronan, Grandma and I went to see some of our friends in the local production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.

My darling friend Christopher played the Elvis inspired Pharaoh and my gal Amber played a number of cute roles herself.

Ronan was thrilled to be outside, and up late. He actually stayed up until 10:00pm. He was pretty good about staying entertained and in his seat with little fuss.

He especially liked chewing on Twizzlers with Grandma.

I was hopeful that Ronan would sleep in because he was up so late. Boy was I wrong. In fact he was up more times than usual, needed a middle of the night bottle and was up at 6:00am. Oye.

Well at least I can check off the keeping him up late method of getting more sleep in the mornings.
I wish I had been better prepared to take pictures of my dear friends because they looked super amazing in their costumes. But, I didn't have a flash, or know where they would be on the stage and Ronan kept grabbing the camera so the pictures are all blurry. Then my battery died.

I am going to go back and get some good shots, but for now here are a couple of totally crappy ones.
Next time I will get a babysitter so no little monsters will be jogging my arm every time I take a shot.

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