Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ronan Goes for a Walk

Ronan is getting dang good at standing up alone. He is so close to walking without help. I decided it was time to buy him some functional shoes. The ones he has had up until now were mostly decorative. They just looked cute but were not built for actual walking.

We went to Target. And got these way cute little shoes.
Then Ronan went for his first walk outside. It was hard to help him and take pictures but I managed.

Look Mom, no hands!

He had a wonderful time. He even climbed the front steps (the crumbling steps, anybody know somebody who does concrete cheap?) and did a little "weeding".

After his adventures outside he was pretty dirty, so he had a bath. I realized the poor kid has never has bubbles in his bath so I chucked some in. He made this face:

You all know what that means.


Then he tried to eat the bubbles. That face was a lot different to say the least.

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Anonymous said...

Shantyman in shoes. Too cute!