Friday, April 3, 2009

I am a Wanted Criminal.

Come on, how many of you are surprised? Very few, right?
A month ago I was driving down the street I live on to go pick up my sister from school. I was going around 26-27 mph. Not bad in a 25 mph zone right?
So ahead of me I see an officer standing next to his motorcycle on the side of the road with his hands on his hips. He sees me coming and waves me to the side of the road.
I am thinking he is going to tell me I have a headlight out or something. How nice of him.
He proceeds to write me a ticket for going 27 in a school zone. The time he writes on the ticket? Exactly 3:00pm. Exactly when the school lights stop flashing.
And just how did he clock me if I never passed him, and he was not holding a speeding gun thing?
Okay, whatever. Just ticket me so I can go home an whine about how lame it is.
Seriously, go find something better to do Utah court system.
I get out my little ticket today to find the address and make my way to court of all things and discover that my appointment was actually yesterday.
So I call the court only to find out I cannot get in until Monday and that, get this, I have a WARRANT out for my arrest!
I couldn't stop laughing. That is just too much.
What about the people who have totaled two of my cars, and had no insurance? They didn't get a ticket. No. How about the kid who tagged up my house last Christmas Eve? He didn't get a ticket. How about those punks who shot my kitchen window with a pellet gun? They can take their sweet time paying for my window, if they ever do. While I look at my veggie garden theough cracked glass.
Meanwhile, little Mommy (me) is slapped with a court appearance and a warrant for the second speeding ticket of MY LIFE!
I guess I have got to hole up until Monday. No more drug deals for me. Darn. I was planning on meeting a few of my fellow thug stay at home moms for a wild time at the local park. Guess I can't with the fuzz after me.
Wild times. But what can I say. That's how I roll. Gangsta style.
School zone speeder! Living life on the edge.
Please Utah, spend my tax money on the REAL problems. Seriously.

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Anonymous said...

Rach, I always new you'd end up on the wrong side of the law. haha What a joke!

Amy said...

Are you kidding me?! That's ridiculous! Crazy cops these days...

Casie said...

Okay, so I saw your blog link on facebook and had to ready the story and oh my gosh! What is it with Utah cops!? I swear they are on a total power trip or something. A couple of years ago when I was driving to work (45 minute drive) a cop pulled me over and ticketed me for going 80 when I was going 60 and get this he told me he was ticketing me because a couple weeks before he passed me when I was driving too fast, but he didn't have time to pull me over that morning, so he'd been waiting to see me again. K, can I tell you what crap that is!? All I did was pay the stupid ticket though, not worth it to me to have to go to court and all that crap, but man, I feel your pain and frustration! Good luck in the "Big House". Haha.

Lacey said...

Haha dont you just love the police? Haha ya you are such a scary criminal Rach, one of Orem's 10 most wanted I bet lol... All I have to say is the law can kiss my sweet lil bootay!

Anonymous said...

Well, Rachel, you have been outed! I had suspected it it for a while. Behind that sweet smile is the infamous "Mad Dog Rac", with her two partners, Mad Dog Max and Mad Dog Fuzzy. All those code names-makes sense now. And, the perfect cover-married to my beloved son, a law enforcment officer! And that bag you carry around with what you call diapers and wipes! Sure, one whiff of those wipes and you are out for a week. And, the diapers-the padding is $100 bills. But, it all over--you are wanted, they will get you. But, I still love you-its that smile!! I'll come visit you at the Big House with Max and Fuzzy and bring a magazine (101 Tips for Decorating Your Cell). See you, kid, Janet