Monday, February 9, 2009

Ronan on the town.

We had a baby, so we are getting a sweet tax refund. So John had a little slack on the overtime working, and got to hang out with Beego and me. We did a few fun things.
We went to Target and Dad picked out a pair of Rockin' Star Wars sunglasses for the man. He was very hip. Except for the toast crumbs on his chin.(Yeah, me and my toast are too cool for you. Star Wars forever.)

They had a lot of fun playing with some fake bugs and snakes in the toy isle.

Ronan loved it.

And we left with a new hat for Ronan. Just like Dad used to wear.
Doesn't he look cool in his car throne?

The next day we went to Wingers. It was Ronan's first time in a restaurant high chair. We sanitized the table and he had a grand time smashing the heck out of his toast. He seemed very glad to be eating at the table with us.

You can tell he was having one heck of a time.

Until we let him try the lemonade.

3 people had this to say...:

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can almost feel his pain with the lemonade face!
p.s. I'm glad his seat cover is useful.

Violet said...

Best lemonade face EVER! I love his hat, too. :D

Merrill family said...

Oh I LOVE Wingers! That was our Fav. place when we lived in Salt Lake...That boy is to cute!