Saturday, January 17, 2009


Today Ronan had a couple of things happen for the first time in his life. Some of them he enjoyed and some he did not.

First, the one he did not enjoy. If you have been talking to me lately, you know that Ronan has not been sleeping or napping and has been full of whines and gripes. So have I. I suspected a new tooth, and today my suspicions were confirmed and all was solved with the magic of Baby Oragel.

Ronan was gnawing on my knuckles, his favorite pass time, when I suddenly felt something very sharp. A tooth had finally popped through. Ronan keeps sticking out his tongue, I imagine because feeling that sharp little tooth there is a new sensation.

Ronan also had his first cart ride ever at Ikea. He thought it was the best fun ever. He banged his little hands on the cart handle and looked around smiling at everything and everyone. He had more fun in that cart than I have seen him have doing almost anything else in his life.

He sat in his cozy little cart cover to save him from germs and to cushion his bum from the hard metal bars. I can't imagine those are very comfortable to sit on. Did you know that shopping cart handles tested with more germs and bacteria than public restroom toilet seats? Yeah, that's right. And kids love to suck on the handle of a cart. So I am glad that Nana made us this cover for Christmas.

You can tell he is having a great time.

Ronan sat up during his bath for the first time yesterday. He thought that is was great. Almost as fun as the cart.

This is what I call the gorilla pose. Ronan sits like this often.

Daddy put on all the baby lotions after bath time. Ronan has some pretty bad eczema and needs to be greased up at least as couple times a day. We use gallons of Baby Aquaphore at our house.
Here are a few more pictures of the kid. He is so used to the camera that when I get one out he literally poses. This kid will probably be damaged by all the flashes.

What long eyelashes!

I think I will keep this kid. He is too cute to give away, even when he is getting a new tooth.

3 people had this to say...:

Anonymous said...

The last one is my new screensaver!

Violet said...

Oh how cool! I love little baby teeth. I equally love IKEA! Do you have any pictures of Ronan's room?! Make sure you squeeze your little snausage for me, ok?

Merrill family said...

ok so glad it was a tooth!! yeah !!I agree he is really cute you know I always think my kids are the cutest but...yours is making it up there in first place also! you have to enter him in the cutest baby contest on "Regis and Kelly"
enjoy the new tooth!