Thursday, January 22, 2009

Because Two Dogs Wasn't Enough.....

Ronan went to his six month check up yesterday. I can't believe he is so old already. He is actually six months and three weeks this Saturday.

This our man at his very first check up. As you can tell by the number on the scale he had lost quite a bit weight in that first week.

Look at him now! He clocks in at 19.5 lbs. He is in the 88th percentile for his head, and 75th for height and weight. Our guy is one big boy.
He was having a lot of fun with the paper on the exam table. Little did he know what lay in store.
He was not a fan of the ear check. Shots were next. He totally freaked out. It was so sad. He cried all the way through the check out process, to the car, and all the way home.

So we took him to the pet store as a treat. It is so fun to show him things he has never seen before. Everything is so interesting to him.

He liked the birds,
but he LOVED the fish.

So we welcomed two more pets into our crazy home. Introducing Bret and Jermaine, of "Swim of the Conchords". I am trying to find little guitar and keyboard figures for their bowl. Or a New Zealand flag.

Ronan is very excited about his new friends and loves to watch them swim.

Max couldn't care less.

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Violet said...

You have a Carmichael placemat!!

I got my friend the stuffy and I have a mug with her on it! Isn't she just the sweetest little owlette?

Ronan is such a jar of pudgey cuddles. I hope I get to squish his cheeks someday!