Monday, November 17, 2008

Family Pictures

Hello all, here I am having my picture taken by my sister. She took the pictures and I edited them up.
I also chose all of the outfits. Getting John to wear this was like pulling teeth. He is still complaining about it.
Readers, please comment and tell him how good it looks. He doesn't believe me and he thinks he looks gay.
I think there is nothing gay looking about John. He looks stylish.
So, readers please don't hold back the compliments. Let him know it looks good, so he will start wearing something a little more more my style that just the same black t-shirts.

Mommy and Baby. So happy, and so stylish.
I am so glad to finally have a few nice picture of my own family, and with me in them too.

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Anonymous said...

Looking good! I've already ordered my copies! The colors are flattering on everyone! Good choices Rachel.

B-Tuck said...

These are really good pictures. I really love them. What a cute little family! ... except John looks a little gay. :/

Candace said...

Hi Rach! Your little family of three looks great. Fall is such a good time of year for family pics.

I have the same issue with Jared "dressing up." If he wears more than a t-shirt and old jeans, then he thinks he's "dressed up," and it's just like pulling teeth.

Anonymous said...

I just picked myself up off the floor, I'm glad there is carpet in here!
I am still afraid to move, I'm in shock, I can hardly breathe! My eyes won't focus, I'm sweating, should I call 911? I look is John, my beloved son?? What a man! What class! How grand! How majestic! How impossing! There are church bells ringing in my head. Is it snowing? Is it Christmas day? Is this a gift from....Him? I am dizzy; I need to go lay down now and rest. Maybe this is only a dream! Love, Mother

Anonymous said...

John, I actually think the sweater makes your muscles stand out more, broader shoulders too. Definately not gay, although girls and gays alike may find you more attractive!

Spencer said...

I think he looks like a gay vampire.

Violet said...

Oh gosh. Aren't men just silly sometimes? Dustin does the same thing. John, you look great!

I'm so in love with your family pictures! Good job, Megs.

I am so blessed! said...

You all look great! Love the shirt John!