Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some More Baby

Are these not the cutest baby jeans you have ever seen in your life? So freaking cute! Tiny denim.

I bet there are some of you out there saying, "Enough of this baby already!"

I know, I have not posted much else, but it is all I can seem to think about lately, and I have no other material since all I do all day is baby baby baby.

So here is some more on baby.

Auntie Stink came over the other day, and helped me out. She is such a great Aunt. She always offers to take him, especially if he is crying. She changes diapers, and cooks if I have my hands full with the baby. I totally see how it could be handy to be in a polygamist deal. With crazy wives always there to help out with cooking and the abundant number of babies. I think the additional wives are the only reason those chicks can stand to have as many kids as they do. Too bad I can't talk John into getting another wife. She would have to be hideously ugly, and my subordinate/personal assistant.

John attends a singles ward sometimes when he works Sundays, just for Sacrament because it is the only ward in the area that meets at the right time. When he first showed up to that ward the bishop gave him a weird look. John introduced himself and said, "Don't worry I am married, with one on the way." The then bishop gave him a REALLY odd look. I think that he interpreted what John said as in another WIFE on the way. Like he had come to scout out some fresh impressionable young babe for another wife.

I also got a sweet new toy. The baby bjorn. It is so awesome. I can do anything while I hold the kid. He is at a stage where he wants to be totally entertained when he is awake, and this carried does the trick. It kinda feels like being pregnant again, but without a lot of the preggo side effects.

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Anonymous said...

Love the new pics. Keep them coming. If someone doesn't like it too bad! I bet the denim overalls I got him and the matching onesie will fit now. I want a pic in those if they fit.
Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

Need another video fix pls.

The Lishes' said...

Hi Rach! I love your blog facelift. I wouldn't expect anything less than your cute creativeness from the graphic designer herself!

Little Ronan is growing so much. Are you so glad you're done with the pregnancy and have a little boy to show for it? You look great.