Monday, April 14, 2008

An evening full of pee.

I have a little Aussie dog, who is too curious for her own good. She is always in the middle of what you are trying to do, and last night she got some consequences for it.
Little Izzy has a preference for toilet water. Her bowl could be full of fresh icy water and she will still choose the toilet.
Last night, before bed, John was using the facilities with the light off and the door open, while I was brushing my teeth. Yes, we are THAT married and THAT gross. Anyway, little Izzy, being involved in everything as usual, decided that the bathroom was the place to be. Not seeing that John was peeing, she stuck her head under the stream to try for a drink.
Needless to say, she got pee all over her head.
It was the damn funniest thing I ever saw!
She freaked out and bolted while I howled with laughter. We then had to chase her around the house, so we could give her head a good washing.
I laughed hysterically for nearly an hour.
I guess she did not appreciate being the laughed at. This morning as I went to take her and Max out for their morning potty break I stepped in an icy cold pee puddle, with bare feet at the back door. She must have set that up last thing before bed last night.
As is the saying, "Revenge is a dish (or in this case, puddle) best served cold."

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