Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Dunston Halloween Festivities Begin.

Anyone who knows Mr. and I knows that we love Halloween. It is a several month celebration at our house, complete with more decorations than most haunted houses. We easily have more Halloween decor than Christmas.

This year we will be doing a realistic grave yard in our pumpkin patch by the side entrance to our house.

We will have glowing jack-o-lanterns, orange lights twinkling below the pumpkin leaves, and crooked grave stones covered in moss strewn in the pumpkin patch complete with evil crows.

Here are some of the awesome headstones we picked up this weekend.

The evil vampire boy child.

His demented father, the count.

And the mother, completely mad after witnessing the transformation of her husband and child into vampires.

Isabeau says "I like it! Now stop looking at that stuff and pet ME!"

Max says "Huh? Can I eat it?"

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Anonymous said...

Dad would be so proud!!!!
Nana Poppet

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel its MARISSA! Yes i found this little piece of paper that had your blogspot on it and here i am. I love the new headstones- the mother is my favorite and it would not surprise me if you chose her style of makeup for your costume this year!